Ihar Alinevich: being “free” in Belarus is the same as being in prison only the regime is milder

Ihar Alinevich, a political prisoner, sent a letter to his former cell mate Sergei Martselau.

„Me and Ihar shared the cell for quite a long time. Our cell was neighbouring the cell where the men who were accused of a  terrorist attack in metro were placed.” – said Martselau

As Ihar writes in his letter:

Comparing my situation today with the year 2010, everything is ok now. (…) I have now time, that was the thing that was always missing when I was “free.” I use quotes, because you’re absolutely right – it’s the same, being “free” in Belarus is the same as being in prison only the regime is milder. During this year, I was semiconsciously waiting for something to change, and now it’s easier for me when I know that there is no reason to wait. I started to live like I would live like that forever. I live the life here and now. (…)What is gone is gone, but, of course, when the newspapers write something about  the prison I automatically read everything I find. For sure, it will be hard to get rid of these memories (…)” – he continues

I have wonderful mother, she has mobilized so many people to support my case that sometimes people approach me I congratulate me. And your boss, Mykola Statkievich,  is amazing, he is like a rock. As it turns out, the most valuable people are not too visible in the  world of media “- writes Alinevich.


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