Statkevich’s friends want to publish a book with his articles

Marina Adamovich received a letter from her husband, Mykola Statkevich. The political prisoners’s wife said that her husband responded to the proposal of his friends to gather and publish his political articles and speeches.

“He wrote to me where and what to look for. The idea concerns also the articles from the 90s  while Mykola was using alias ‘Simon Garbaviec, military officer’. These were his first political articles on the reform of the Belarusian army. His alias has its meaning – Simon Garbaviec was his maternal grandfather and the member of the communist opposition in western Belarus. He was the chairman of the village, and in 1937 he was arrested and executed in NKVD prison in Sluck. He was rehabilitated in 1953” – says Mrs. Adamovich.


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