Families of political prisoners express their gratitude to the Pope

The families of Belarusian political prisoners expressed their gratitude to Pope Benedict XVI for his concern about their relatives.

They asked the Holy Father to contribute to their  earlier release and not to stop praying for Belarus.

The open letter from the relatives of the Belarusian prisoners of conscience became the response to the visit of Apostolic Nuncio Claudio Gugerotti to Belarusian jails. He met with Zmicier Dashkievich, Mikalaj Statkievich, Pavel Sieviaryniec, Alies Bialiacki, Siarhiej Kavalienka and Pavel Syramalotau.

The relatives of the Belarusian political prisoners wrote that “over the previous 17 years Europe’s last dictator has reigned over the country.” They called on the Pope to “pray for us, for Belarus, for those who are persecuted, humiliated, tortured, who scarify their lives for truth, freedom, justice and future built on not communist, but Christian values.”



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