BAJ leaders intercede for Anton Surapin

Zhanna Litvina and Andrei Bastunets passed an appeal to change the restraint for the photo journalist to the KGB. The leaders of the Belarusian Association of Journalists interceded for Anton Surapin, accused of “facilitating of illegal crossing of the Belarus’ state border”. They ask to  change the preventive measures applied to him. Zhanna Litvina and Andrei Bastunets requested to release him under their personal bail.

BAJ  also offers all the citizens who care to sign corresponding bails and to send them to the KGB.

Let us remind you, 20-year-old Anton Surapin was arrested by KGB on July 13 upon charges of illegal crossing the border by the Swedish light airplane. The incident occurred in the morning on July 4. Hundreds of teddy bears were thrown over Ivyanets and Minsk. Representatives of the Swedish PR company Studio Total claimed responsibility for action. This is how they wanted to support freedom of speech in Belarus.

BSU Journalism faculty student Anton Surapin was the first to piblish the photos of the teddy bears dropped by the Swedes at his web-site Belarusian News Photos.

Author: Euroradio

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